SIHH Geneva 2016: Montblanc Replica Watches 4810 Orbis Terrarum

The International Watch Fair in Geneva showcases the expertise of the German mark.

montblanc 4810 orbis terrarum replica

Montblanc celebrates the golden age of the journey across the Atlantic Ocean with its 4810 Collection, which includes the luxury replica watch Orbis Terrarum, whose name (of Latin origin) means “globe”, “earth” and “world “. The model indicates the time of the 24 time zones in an intelligent and intuitive way, thanks to a manufacturing complication developed internally by the master watchmakers of the German fashion house.

The dial is made up of several layers, starting with the main disc in sapphire crystal showing the continents as seen from the North Pole and the names of the 24 cities that represent the different time zones. The continents are cut out from the rest of the disc showing the oceans blue. A second sapphire glass disc indicates the alternation of day and night with a dark blue for the night and a yellow and green gradient for the day.

This disc also includes the ring 24 hours which indicates the different times in the 24 cities. To set the time, you must first place the local time zone city before the red triangle at 6 o’clock by pressing the button located at 8 o’clock Then through the crown can adjust the hours and minutes (which are always connected to the disc day / night and that of 24 hours with time zones), to properly set the local time. After the operation, around the dial will indicate the time of all 24 time zones simultaneously.

When traveling changing time zone, simply align at 6 o’clock the new destination city. Also this adjustment is made using the button at 8 o’clock that automatically turn the hour hand, continents, cities, the hard day / night and 24 time zones. The hour hand jumps in increments of one hour without affecting the accuracy of the minutes. Once this simple adjustment, the local time of the new destination and 24 time zones are perfectly synchronized.

Like all the timepieces in the 4810 Collection, Montblanc Orbis Terrarum Replica expresses the codes of Haute Horlogerie in every detail: case 43 mm stainless steel for a total height of 11.87 mm, water resistant to 50 meters; elegant rounded handles for added comfort on the wrist; hands rhodium-plated finish the race they do shine the colors of the dial; names in red for the cities of Hamburg, London and New York, in tribute to the legendary ports that over a century ago helped to make the history of the Atlantic ocean crossings.

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