It’s not your typical key fob, and it’s only available with the new BMW 5 Series. As a premium carmaker, German company BMW develops and builds vehicles aren’t only stylish and elegant, but are also of high quality and superbly luxurious. In fact, one of its creations — the new BMW 5 Series – could be considered as a true showcase of both luxury and style.

Regarding the new BMW 5-Series (G30) or any other vehicle, one of the most important accessories that many drivers couldn’t do without is the key fob. After all, a key fob serves as an important device through which a driver could lock or unlock the doors of their cars remotely with just a touch of a button.

Aside from locking and unlocking doors, there are key fobs that could also pop the trunk latch or control the car’s automatic windows. There are also key fobs that allow drivers to arm or disarm the vehicle’s security system as well as remotely start the car’s ignition.

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As important as it is, the key fob is usually kept inside the pocket of the driver – out of plain sight from other people. However, no matter how luxurious or how stylish a key fob is, there is almost no way to flaunt it in public at all times. It’s not a watch that you could easily wear on your wrist for the sake of both functionality and style.

So, why not transform the key fob into something that is wearable, like a montblanc replica watches? Seems like a good idea. BMW Lifestyle has partnered with Montblanc – a German luxury company known for its watches, writing instruments and jewelry, as well as leather goods, fragrance and eyewear – to transforming the key fob (called as BMW Activity Key) of the BMW 5 Series into an elegant personal accessory that could be worn and displayed.

This turns the key fob of the into the “Montblanc for BMW” Activity Key Set – a wearable car key measuring only 5 cm × 2 cm. The “Montblanc for BMW” Activity Key Set features an activity key that is essentially a Montblanc leather wristband in fine black cowhide leather – a perfect way to stylishly show off the key fob. Moreover, this set also includes a key fob with a leather insert with the words “Montblanc for BMW” embossed on it.

The “Montblanc for BMW” Activity Key Set is one of the three series of accessories from BMW Lifestyle, which also partnered with Bowers & Wilkins and Moleskine. These two other partnerships resulted to the so-called on-ear BMW Headphones Bowers & Wilkins P3 S2 as well as the BMW Smart Writing Set from renowned note-book maker Moleskine.

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